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Little p vs. Big P

My daughter approached me recently with a “little p problem.” Not a “Big P Problem”, but a “little p problem.” I gently suggested that she pray about it. She said to me, “Why would I pray about something like this?” She saw it as small and insignificant to bring before God; I saw it as something that Jesus would be more than happy to guide her through and help her to reach the other side.

Depending on how you tend to pray, you either focus on the “Big Stuff”: my aunt has terminal cancer, my sister is going through a divorce, my child is not adjusting in school, I am confused with how to handle my aging parents, my child is leaving for college and I’m just not ready, or, my marriage is suffering. Or, you may pray through your needs: “I need this, I need that, my son needs this, my dad needs that – what can You bring to me today? What have You done for me lately? Hello? Anybody out there?”

Either way, I truly believe that God really wants to listen. Not just “will listen,” because that’s what He does – that’s who He is. But He wants to listen. He wants to hear our hopes and our dreams – He wants to hear our day to day challenges and our fears. He wants us to reach out to Him in prayer – vulnerable and submitting to His will – not ours. Because His will is so much better, so much richer, so much more abundant. So much more than our earthly minds and hearts are capable of understanding.

When we come to Him with an open heart, an open soul, a joy-filled heart or a breaking heart – He is so ready and willing to listen, whether it is a “Big P Problem” or a “little p problem.” Isn’t that awesome?

Bring all your joys, challenges, burdens, little p problems and Big P Problems, to Jesus our Brother, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit who lives within us. Is there seriously something they can’t handle?

I think they got this. Phew, I can let go.