That’s My Dad!

Do you know a great dad, did you have a great dad, or are you married to a great dad? Read on….

 My mom has been visiting us this past week, and although my wonderful father died on Divine Mercy Sunday in April 2013, I’m feeling his loss very deeply this week for some reason. He was my best friend – a man I loved, respected and admired. A man who showed me how to pursue true joy in life. I man I hope I can emulate in my own life with my children and my friends. He feels so close, and yet so far.

On Sunday, November 1st, the Catholic church celebrates the Feast of All Souls. Despite being a cradle Catholic, I am not sure I’ve ever had a good grasp of the significance of this feast day or a really good understanding of Purgatory. I got a pretty good schooling at Mass last week, however. If I took anything home from the sermon, it would be “pray for our beloved dead.”

“November is the last month of the liturgical year, and one where we specifically remember and pray for the dead.  Catholics are comfortable in paradox, and this month is no exception!  It is a mix of our worst fears and our greatest hope.  By remembering our own beloved dead, we recall with fresh grief the pain that the separation of body and soul cause.  We weep together with Jesus at the tomb.  But of course, we grieve in hope, praying that our loved ones would be purified quickly so as to enter into the glory that Jesus won for them.”

Source – Libby DuPont,, 2009

 In remembrance of my wonderful father, and all of us who had a great dad (or strive to be a great dad) I wanted to share a reflection that my aunt gave to me at my dad’s passing. Share this with a great dad that you know and love.

“That’s My Dad!”

“The glory of children is their father.” Proverbs 17:6

 You don’t have to meet a man face to face to know what kind of a father he is. Just listen to the way his children refer to him.

The respect that children have for their parents can be a good indicator of how much respect they deserve. One of the Ten Commandments is to honor our father and mother. But how many parents live in a way that is worthy of honor?

I cannot think of a greater tragedy in life than to lose the respect of my children. I would be the most humiliated man if my children were ashamed of me. But nothing would make my heart beat faster than if my child pointed me out in a crowd and said proudly, “That’s my dad!”

A good test of whether you are a father who is respected by his children is to ask yourself, “Do I want my son to be what I am, do to what I do, to go where I go?”

Fathers, remember that never before in all of history have your children needed the undivided interest and attention of loving parents as in these days of a polluted moral and spiritual atmosphere.

With the help of God’s strength and wisdom, determine to be the kind of parent whose child is proud to say, “That’s my dad!”

  • By M. R. De Haan, M.D.


When my father turned 70, I gave him a CD of songs that represented our life together. One song that continues to this day to bring me to tears is “Cinderella” by Stephen Curtis Chapman. What I wouldn’t give for one more dance with my dad.

Give a dad, a man that is like a dad to you, or your favorite priest a hug today. We love our dads!

Heavenly father, bless all our fathers, and the father-figures in our lives who have made us the people we are today. In Jesus’ holy name we pray – Amen.


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